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Saga: the first true mobile lifelogging app

Saga is the first true mobile lifelogging app. That is, this is the first time I can see my complete lifelog with location, photos, calendar entries, notes, and health information all unified right on my phone. Saga gets it right by making most of the logging automatic, including ingesting social media posts and taking a stab at places I've been (without having to remember to "check in" at the moment). During our years of lifelogging research, we dreamed of a commercial smartphone app like this and Saga has nailed it. 

To the right is a screenshot from my lifelog, showing an event that was imported from my calendar ("daily standup"), lunch at Chevy's, and travel back to the office. Below, you can see how Saga renders my drive on a map.

They support BodyMedia, Fitbit and Withings data; they sync my gmail calendar; they load my trips from TripIt. They really get the power of bringing one's data together in one place.

This is the mobile app I wanted to build for MyLifeBits - and then some. 




Cell phone e-memories

Cell phones are key catalysts of the e-memory revolution. They record video, audio, take pictures, and track location. They receive text messages and emails. So, of course, you want to take right steps to manage your cell phone's e-memories and make sure you don't lose anything.

Some offerings in this space: Apple's MobileMe, Best Buy's mIQ, Microsoft's My Phone and Nokia's Ovi. These services do more than just backup; they help you share, communicate, and even find lost phones. The trend is clearly towards more and more effortless creation and enjoyment of e-memories on your cell phone.