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Lifelogging Taxonomy: Extreme lifelogging by 2020

I'm fond of building taxonomies to aid understanding where a field or things are and where progress is likely to lead.  The need to define "extreme lifelogging" came up in the summer of 2009 when speaking to the New Scientist. I claim that everyone with a computer isdoing lifelogging to some degree, creating memories--provided they aren't deleting.   I then claimed that in 10 years, continuous life recording of everything being seen would be common in 2020 --this is extreme lifelogging

Since we started using or wearing SenseCams in 2003, when someone sees me for the first time, they invariably ask: "Where's the camera that's recording everything?"  Thus the discussion in 2009 prompted the definition of the recording of everything we ever see as Extreme Lifelogging (almost).  When we also capture sound i.e. conversations, it is even more extreme. 

In defining extreme lifelogging it is critical to show the various degrees and facets of capturing everything aka lifelogging. 

So hear's verson 0.9 of a taxonomy... in some sense ordered by degree:

Implicit, light lifeloggingstore and retain everything your computer has seen for record keeping, recall

Professional lifelogging --maintaince of corporate and personal communication and records, etc.

Lifelong learned logging retention of books, magazines and journals read, courses taken

Personal and Family lifelogging

Social lifelogging communication, ideas, etc. are spread everywhere e.g. FB, LinkedIn, Yammer

Health-Wellness lifelogging. Quantitative Self Movement is aimed at constant tracking of health bits

Transcribing all notes from conversations & thoughts lifelogging - Thad Starner c1983-

Extreme lifelogging everything you see and hear. 
Lifelog Tracks aka lifetrack aka lifetrek

After-life Lifelogging  Only your avatar knows. TBD

Institutional lifelogging  e.g. LoC, British Library

Property lifelogging… a catalog of life's stuff


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