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Your Life, Uploaded: 2011 Report Card

The central prediction of our book Your Life Uploaded is that by 2020 you will be able to cheaply and easily record your entire life digitally. We called for businesses to form to service the growing demand for life-logging. The new year is a good time to evaluate how our prediction is shaping up – consider it our report card for 2011.

Just two years into our ten year prediction, business formation has been nothing short of amazing. Life-logging businesses at the end of 2011 include:

  • Backupify makes a backup of your online life at facebook, twitter, wordpress, photobucket, etc
  • bodybugg fitness tracking
  • CallTrunk record calls from any phone
  • Creative Memories – digital center takes scrap-booking into the digital age
  • DeepVue automatically summarizes experiences via GPS and photos
  • Digital plaster checks vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and glucose levels
  • DynamicBooks electronic textbooks are interactive and customizable – a clear step on the path to the student memex we propose in the book
  • Earth Class Mail will receive and digitize your snail-mail
  • egoArchive “your memory in the cloud”
  • helps you make stories out of your lifelog
  • Evernote digital note-taking with the goal: “remember everything”
  • is an evidence warehouse for police, including GPS-tagged video.
  • Facebook TimeLine is “the story of your life," according to Zuckerberg
  • Famento does online family histories
  • Fitbit tracks activity and sleep, and their new Ultra also tracks stair climbing
  • Google Health lets you store your health data online
  • iPod Nano with accelerometer
  • Jawbone’s UP wristband tracks when you are sleeping, eating, or exercising
  • Kindle’s Daily Review helps you review and remember passages from your books.
  • Looxcie makes a POV video camera built in to a bluetooth headset.
  • captures life stories
  • holds email for later delivery – up to 100 years later
  • Memolane is a social network for memories
  • Minerva Health Manager stores your health records on your PC, and also on a USB stick to share with a hospital, new doctor, etc.
  • Microsoft HealthVault also lets you store your health data online. A number of devices can upload data to your account.
  • Newline offers super-private backup and restore – taking us towards the “Swiss Data Bank” we proposed
  • MemoryMiner is a digital storytelling application that specializes in photos
  • OurStory captures stories and saves them permanently
  • ReadiBand is a wristwatch-like device which tracks wrist movements to estimate how you are sleeping
  • Reqall is a digital memory aid, helping you remember what matters “here and now”
  • Rseven copies everything from your cell phone
  • SocialSafe backs up Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Viadeo profiles to create a private & searchable digital journal
  • Vicon Revue 3MP is a commercial version of the Microsoft Research SenseCam
  • Vievu has a chest-worn "video camera for cops."
  • WIN Human Recorder chest-worn wireless device measures ECG, temperature and movement
  • WisdomArk “users collaborate to create, share, and preserve life stories using photos and videos”
  • Withings makes scale that will wirelessly record your weight onto your account at their website
  • YouPivot search using context – very reminiscent of the MyLifeBits research prototypes.
  • Zeo’s wearable device does sleep tracking


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