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Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Sports Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 405 adds GPS to the usual sports watch bag of tricks so that your location can be tracked along with your calories, time, distance and pace. An optional heart rate monitor is also available.


Fitbit Aria Wifi Scale

Track the weight and body fat of up to 8 automatically recognized people in your home with the Fitbit Aria. The scale uploads information wirelessly. Between tracking your weight and bodyfat with the scale, and tracking your activity (and sleep) with the Fitbit Ultra there is some powerful motivation.



Wearable cameras finally look cool with pivothead sunglasses

Check out pivothead's cool looking sunglasses - complete with high def 1080p video or 8MP still image capture. The field of view is 75 degrees with a number of focus settings including automatic and fixed. A USB connection charges and transfers files.


Nike FuelBand

Nike's wrist-worn FueldBand includes accelerometers and light level sensors to track your activity. It one-ups the Jawbone Up with real time feedback via a number of tiny LEDs in the wristband, but each make a unique fashion statement that will appeal to different people.




This week while travelling I noticed that my Limo had a special camera - a DriveCam. Actually, this device has cameras both front and back - watching what is going on in the vehicle as well as the view out the front. When unusual forces are detected by sensors in the camera, for instance due to hard braking or a fast turn, a video of the event is kept and tranmitted via a celluar network. Speed, location and forces are all tracked and compiled into reports on the driver. DriveCam boasts improvements to safety, fuel efficiency, and a reduction in fraudulent claims.

DriveCam isn't only for Limosines and other commercial drivers - the product is also being used for teenage drivers.

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