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I just stumbled across Total Recall and MyLifeBits the other day. I watched Gordon and Jim's 1 hour presentation on line. I realized this is something I have to do. But how to go about it?
I am beginning to collect digital data (pictures, documents, email) that I already have on my hard drive. I have created a simple file structure for top level organization (home, work, important events, family members, emails, places, etc). As I add pictures and documents into these folders, I am renaming the files to identify people's names, location, year and any other useful meta data in the file name. I believe I am limited to 255 characters (including path name). Hopefully this will improve my searches when looking for data.
I have a flat bed scanner at home and there is a feed through scanner at work that I can use. I have been using my home scanner to digitize old 35mm slides that I took many years ago of family and places I visited. I will add pictures taken with my cell phone camera as well. I need to buy a cheap digital camera that I can carry with me and force myself to take more pictures of every day life.
For now, I plan to use Google Desktop to index and search for my files, until other software is available.
That is where I am so far. Any suggestions or comments on what I am doing to build MyLifeBits?

May 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDave Raftery

Total Recall has a chapter on "Getting Started" - I recommend you read it :)

Regarding indexing/searching your files, Google Desktop search and Windows Desktop Search were add ons for Wndows XP. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the indexing/search is built in and works much better. I recommend upgrading to Windows 7.

Don't forget backup!!!

May 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJim Gemmell